How To Get A Comprehensive Full Body Workout In Your Own Home

More people are working out today than ever before. Previous generations of people working more physically demanding jobs had little need to hit the gym; however, white-collar professionals today will generally spend considerable amounts of their day sitting. This sedentary working life has a range of negative consequences for an individual's general health and wellbeing, affecting mood, heart health, the ability to maintain a healthy weight and many more. That being said, spending hours every week in the gym is not for everyone, so consider the following guide for how you can get a great full body workout without stepping a foot outside of your door.

Bodyweight Exercises Bodyweight exercises have been largely overlooked in recent years; however, the effectiveness of these movements cannot be denied and they are becoming increasingly popular as a way to build functional strength. Seek to include the following exercises in your routine:

  • The Push Up: Begin in the plank position and do not allow your hips to sag as you lower and raise your body. This ensures that your core remains activated and working as your arms and shoulders are worked. Execute from the knees if upper body strength is limited and the full version from the toes is too strenuous to maintain with proper form. 
  • Dips: Facing forward on a chair, grip the front of the seat with both arms straight and straighten your legs, placing your heels on the floor in front of your body. Raise and lower your body for three to four sets of as many repetitions as you can handle.
  • Chin Ups: One of the best and toughest exercises for the upper body, chin-ups provide a serious workout for the arms and back. Keep your body still throughout the movement to maintain proper form.
  • Bodyweight Squats and Lunges: Perform these in a slow and controlled manner for maximum benefit and, combined with the above movements, you will have a full body routine for your home workout.

Stretching & Cardio Stretching is essential to prevent injury and will increase mobility at any age: particularly important in later life when getting around can become significantly more difficult. Research a whole body routine (these can be performed in as little as 30 minutes), and you will see a marked improvement in as little as a few weeks. Invest a few dollars in a skipping rope and you will have all you need for a comprehensive cardiovascular workout whenever you have the time to spare.

Invest in Home Gym Equipment Bodyweight exercises can take you very far in terms of strength and fitness; however, if your goals evolve further towards pure strength and mass building, investing in some used gym equipment is an inexpensive and effective way to do this from the comfort of your own home. A barbell, bench, and free weights can be found for the price of a couple of months' gym membership but can last you a lifetime. Do your research, build a routine, and good luck with your fitness journey!

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